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5 Smart Devices to Make Thanksgiving Dinner a Little Smarter

From turning off the lights to keeping burglars at bay, smart home technology has made practically every aspect of our lives easier. Holiday cooking is no exception. With these five smart devices, holiday cooks will have a lot more to be thankful for.

Egg Minder

When you’re out shopping, list in hand, for a holiday meal, it’s easy to miss some things. Did you check how many eggs were left in the fridge? Are they even still good anymore? Should you buy another box, or risk not having enough?

With the Egg Minder, you can answer all of those questions via an app on your smartphone. The smart egg tray tracks how many eggs you have, determines how long they’ve been there, and sends you push notifications when you’re running low. LED lights even let you know which egg is the oldest to keep any from going bad.

Drop Scale

Thanksgiving almost always requires a ton of baking, even if you’re not really a baker. With the Drop Scale, pie crust, cranberry bread, and other baking recipes are immensely simpler to execute. It doesn’t hurt that they leave fewer dishes to clean, too.

The Drop Scale connects wirelessly to its own smartphone and tablet app, which shows you step by step instructions that automatically progress when you add each ingredient—handy if you want to avoid getting the screen dirty. And since every cup of flour and dash of salt is measured not by measuring cups but by weight, many recipes require as little as one bowl to clean.

Belkin Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are a godsend during busy holiday cooking sprees: you can simply dump in your ingredients, set the temperature, and come back hours later to a completed sweet-potato casserole or beef roast. Add Wi-Fi to this sweet situation, and things get really easy.

The Belkin Crock-Pot connects to your home network to let you control its every function on your smartphone. Visiting neighbors at a crucial step? Turn the heat up to get that irresistibly crisp skin. Held up in holiday traffic? Turn the whole thing off. It’ll even give you a notification when your dish is complete.


With so many main dishes, sides, and delicious desserts, it’s easy to overdo it at Thanksgiving. And while a little indulgence is a good thing every once in a while, shoveling forkfuls of in your mouth between political commentary with extended family members is hardly the way to enjoy every flavor.

Enter the HAPIfork. This electronic fork is designed to help train you to slow down and enjoy every morsel you eat. It monitors how quickly you bring each serving to your mouth and uses gentle vibrations to remind you to slow down and savor. It even keeps track over the long term, uploading your mealtime data to an online dashboard where you can track your progress.

LG Smart ThinQ Oven

Turkey, you’ve met your match. The LG Smart ThinQ Oven lets you control its temperature and turn it off remotely, so big feasts in the process of cooking can be micromanaged from miles away. It connects to the LG cooking management app, so every adjustment can be performed right from your smartphone. It doesn’t hurt that the oven’s infrared heating element doesn’t require preheating.