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Why Zaarly for real estate professionals?

It’s hard to confidently make recommendations for local service providers. But for real estate agents it is part of the job and something their clients expect, so they try… but it frequently ends up adding more unnecessary steps to an already drawn out process and offers very little upside coupled with significant reputation risk.

Zaarly helps agents make perfect referrals every time with zero hassle or headache. When it’s a useful tool to help engage past and future clients they love it; when it’s used as a tool to help get a deal done on a home, they love it even more.

Agents engage Zaarly during:

  • New Client Marketing- Agents use Zaarly as a way to keep their COIs engaged. Beyond just offering a new resource to them Zaarly enables agents to offer credit toward services.
  • Pre-Listing Prep- Getting a home ready to list can be a big undertaking. Zaarly helps agents offer more than ideas about prepping a house to sell. We offer solutions.
  • Post inspection resolution-  From getting estimates for a buyer to remedying the resolution of unacceptable conditions, Zaarly helps transactions close faster and with more certainty.
  • New buyer engagement- New homeowners do not need a fruit a basket. They need help getting settled and preparing their house to become their home. Zaarly can help.
  • Past Client Engagement=  Agents want to be a resource for their clients well after the transaction and frequently are. Zaarly makes that easier by keeping agents in the loop when clients they’ve referred use Zaarly.

Brokers, teams and agents can access Zaarly's professional network

Pilot Requirements

Brokers, teams and agents located in Kansas City, Denver and Minneapolis. Please fill out the form below and we'll contact you with the specifics.  

More About Zaarly

Zaarly was founded in 2011 by Bo Fishback, a serial entrepreneur since his days at Harvard Business School. Bo took to the task of improving the quality of the home services landscape after learning first hand that it isn't just hard to navigate, it's a fundamentally broken. He found current commercial options to be unpredictable, unreliable, inconvenient and offer zero leverage. They all had seemingly similar choices and results... expensive failures with no accountability.


  • Is a curated and moderated home services marketplace.
  • Heavily vets, selects and partners exclusively with proven high performing and growing local service businesses.
  • Moderates all service providers on the platform in near real-time, helping provide better service to real estate professionals and homeowners.
  • Stays involved for the life of relationship between homeowners and their service providers - and holds them accountable for all the work that happens via the Zaarly platform. 


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