Moderne Ventures Mentor Meetings at NAA

Mentor Meetings @ NAA (Omni Hotel) on June 14th and 15th

What are mentor meetings? Mentor Meetings are 30 minute one-on-one sessions with the latest Moderne Passport Class; a select group of companies that are redefining how we optimize customer experience, increase revenues, manage our business and nurture relationships. 

We pair industry executives and Passport company CEOs together for a fast paced session where the tech CEOs give you their pitch and you provide feedback; move on to next company, rinse and repeat. 

Mentor meetings are structured to offer you, the Mentor, a first look at tech forward companies advancing our industries and the chance to provide insight that helps shape their product and services to better fit your businesses needs.

  • What: Meet one on one with 2-4+ companies for 30 mins each. Listen to their pitch and provide feedback.
  • When June 15th, select a 2 hour time slots that work well with your schedule (June 14 is fully booked!)
  • Where: @ Omni Hotel in Gaslamp 3 room
  • Who: Select from companies below or let us choose for you!  We will match you to those we believe are most relevant to your business.
  • Why attend: To get an early look at innovative products and services, first access to their Pilot Programs, and the ability to provide feedback to help them optimize their solutions to meet your and the industry's needs.
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