Inman Connect SF 2017

Moderne Solutions

During the Moderne Portfolio and Industry Summit we will take on some of the most common challenges we hear across the industry by building Proof of Concepts (POCs) that bring technologies together to address greater challenges than any one is solving on its own.  Common challenges include:

1. Faster Transactions: why does it have to take so damn long?!

  • Challenge: Technology has simplified many steps in the buying/selling and lease-up process, yet the transaction itself remains clunky, complicated and long. Customers and professionals alike are frustrated with the experience and deserve better.  Disruptive models are emerging and solving for this, how will traditional models compete?

  • Proof of Concept (POC): Define solutions to close deals faster, with more assurance and fewer complications.

2.  Attracting New Business Leads: quality over quantity

  • Challenge: As an industry we waste countless hours chasing leads that won't convert and spend billions of dollars generating leads that go unanswered.  How can we direct our resources toward revenue generating activities and increase our marketing ROI?

  • POC: Bring together technologies that produce intelligent lead qualification and automated processes to attract the best leads, qualify them and automate the scheduling and showing process.

3. First & Lasting Impressions: customer experience increases ROI 

  • Challenge: Referrals, retention and renewals are the cornerstones of our business but how do we optimize the experience to produce the lowest churn and generate more business?

  • POC:  From intent and move-in to move-out and move-up.  Building the right customer journey creates a positive experience with lasting impressions.

4. Smart Technologies: at home, at work and in our communities 

  • Challenge: IoT devices will outnumber the world's population this year for the first time.  Cisco estimates there will be 50 billion devices by 2020 and Gartner estimates that as much as 60% of the estimated $3T industry could be smart home devices.  Coldwell Banker revealed in a study that 3 out of 4 shoppers expect to purchase a place with smart home technology already inside.   Consumers will expect their smart home experience to transfer to smart work and smart communities.   What strategy should we employ to incorporate smart technologies for our business?   When should we deploy a plan to address this growing demand?  What other considerations must we factor in?   What is the ROI?

  • POC: Employ Smart Technology as a strategy instead of a one-off implementation.  Build a solution set to address the growing demand, create flexible infrastructure for the future and test whether smart homes/smart apartments/smart offices can generate higher returns.

5. Independent Contractor Platform: "benefits" for the 1099 workforce 

  • Challenge: One of most often cited challenges we hear from residential and commercial brokers is how to attract and retain the best agents and brokers.  What tools can we deploy to attract and keep the top producers?

  • POC:   There are over 1.5 million independent contractors in our industries; over 80% of them are not covered by employee or spousal benefits.  On average, they leave over $16,000 on the table in tax deductions. Combine services into an independent contractor platform that save 1099s time and money and creates benefits all while maintaining a clear line in the 1099 contractor status

6. Re-imagining the Brokerage/Leasing Office: what if we started from scratch?

  • Challenge:  Policies, politics, incumbent players and legacy technologies...real estate sales and leasing offices have not fundamentally changed the way they operate in decades,  What would we do differently if we had the opportunity to do it all over again and start from scratch?

  • POC: Start  from scratch with no rules.  Reimagine what the business could be. 

7. Create your own: what is keeping you up at night?

  • Challenge:  what is on your mind?  Others are surely thinking the same thing.

  • POC: We will take collective responses and build a POC around them.