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Moderne Ventures Meet and Greet

March 8th, 2018

Do you think you're a tastemaker and innovator in the real estate, finance, insurance or home service industries?

Moderne Ventures and MTEC have partnered together to offer innovative companies at MTEC a unique opportunity to give their pitch to potential strategic customers, advisors and investors.

Selected companies will be provided with 1 or more introductions during the allotted time period. Presenters will provide a synopsis (educational information) of their company’s products or services and Mentors and/or Partners from Moderne Ventures will provide feedback to facilitate discussion, introductions and next steps in the mentoring process for those that would benefit from additional attention at an early stage.

Apply below for an exclusive meeting with Moderne Venture and our group of mentors (space is limited):

Multifamily owners? Property managers? Us? Everyone!?