Growth Geeks and UrbanBound: The First Moderne Accelerator Participants

On Tuesday, Moderne Ventures announced the first two companies that have been accepted into the Moderne Accelerator, a program that provides resources to technology companies in order to successfully launch them into the tech marketplace. 

By providing these companies essential education and market exposure, plus access to the Moderne Network—a collection of more than 200 brokers, developers, financial institutions, and other important experts willing to offer their knowledge, not to mention a chance to earn their business—the program is designed to help them seize multi-billion opportunities and grow their business at a much faster rate than they could alone. 

Growth Geeks

Growth Geeks is a marketplace that connects businesses to freelance marketing talent. Good marketing is essential for a successful business, but hiring a full marketing agency is often cost prohibitive for smaller businesses and independent contractors. On the Growth Geeks website, these businesses will find hundreds of marketing experts, each of whom work on a gig-by-gig basis and come individually approved by the Growth Geeks team. In return, marketers with unique expertise, such as in content marketing, social media, or analytics, can make the most of their skills while keeping a flexible schedule


UrbanBound seeks to make relocating for a job a less stressful and less expensive process. New hires start with a personalized to-do list filled with tasks ranging from finding housing to ordering internet service to learning about their new city. Every step of the way, the UrbanBound website offers tailored assistance: a list of cable providers with rates and ratings, a thorough introduction to the city and its sights, even a personalized  budget and expense list. This leg up on the relocation process helps new hires settle into their new surroundings quickly, reducing moving stress and making them more likely to stay at their new company.