Yahoo Finance: Hypergrowth industry accelerator created by Moderne Ventures™ selects its first participants: UrbanBound and Growth Geeks

"The Moderne Accelerator™ announced the first two participants accepted into its hypergrowth industry accelerator: UrbanBound (backed by Grotech and Starvest) and Growth Geeks (backed by Techstars). The Moderne Accelerator launches technology companies ($0-$15M in revenues) into the world's largest industries: real estate, mortgage, finance, insurance and home services, each multi-trillion dollar marketplaces that together represent over 20 percent of the US GDP and are ripe for innovation. The Moderne Accelerator provides education, exposure and access to the Moderne Network™: over 200 franchise groups, independent brokerages, commercial real estate brokers, developers, property managers and financial institutions who provide valuable insight, knowledge and a chance to earn their business..." Read More