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Moderne Ventures is Hiring!

 Moderne Ventures invests in technology companies in and around real estate, finance, insurance and home services.  It has both a fund and an Industry Immersion Program, the Moderne Passport, to connect its companies to the Moderne Network, over 700 executives and corporations within its core industries. Moderne works with companies of all stages and most often looks outside its industries to find technologies that can be applicable within them.  

 Moderne recently closed its second fund after generating top tier venture returns in Fund I. Current and past investments include companies like DocuSign, August, Updater, TaskEasy, Better Mortgage, Hello Alfred, HomeSnap, UrbanBound, and approximately 50 other tech companies spanning business services from media to operations, communication, IoT, AI and transactional efficiencies. 

Moderne Ventures currently has the following positions open for hire:

All positions are located in Chicago and are for immediate hire.  Only qualified candidates should apply.

Moderne Ventures Sr. Associate/ Principal Position

Moderne Ventures is hiring one or more Sr. Associates/Principals for a Partner Track position with Moderne Ventures.  The successful candidate(s) will have an opportunity to work within an entrepreneurial team and help shape and grow the vision of the firm.  The position is based in Chicago.

Responsibilities will include:

Deal Sourcing

  • Sourcing and assessing new deals, expanding our Venture Network and helping our portfolio companies be successful.

Due Diligence

  • Person will capable of leading due diligence, market analysis and special projects

  • Negotiating and leading deals


  • Work with companies, partners and investors to help grow value of the underlying portfolio and create opportunities for our industry and venture network

  • Serve on portfolio companies’ boards as director and/or observer


Ideal candidate will have:

  • 2+ years of venture investing experience and a strong network (coast to coast) in the venture and startup community 

  • 2+ years experience in consulting, PE or investment banking and possesses a sophisticated, fact-based understanding of SaaS metrics, web based analytics and business growth strategies

  • MBA from top tier business school (preferred not required)

Moderne Passport Commercial Real Estate Director Position

Moderne is hiring a super connected executive in the commercial real estate space (specifically multifamily and office) to help our companies drive value for the industry and help our Corporate Partners maximize their benefits from using new technology and innovation.  The position is based in Chicago.

Responsibilities will include:

Deal Sourcing

  • Find great companies to invite into the Passport

  • Work with Moderne Ventures team to manage prospects, set interviews, select candidates


  • Work with Moderne’s corporate partners to identify, discover and create mutual value

  • Expand the network of Mentors, Partners and Investors interested in using technology to further their own business models; build experiences and connections to create mutual value

  • Work with Passport companies on bi-weekly basis to advise on their strategies

  • Define and track metrics

  •  Help set investment milestones

  • Make investment recommendations to Moderne Fund team

  • Serve on portfolio companies’ boards as director and/or observer

Passport Operations

  • Identify events and opportunities to build exposure for the companies

  • Manage logistics at and leading up to events, mentor meetings, receptions, etc

  • Define and execute a communications strategy for social channels, network outreach and company recruiting

  • Manage Mentor relationships, continued outreach, recruitment and experience


Ideal candidates will have an operational background in the commercial real estate space (specifically multifamily and/or office), including relevant experience as a consumer, operator or adviser of or to early stage technology companies.

How to Apply

Applicants and referrals should send a resume and brief cover letter/intro to Constance Freedman: subject line: Jobs at Moderne

Only candidates with required experience should apply.