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Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders are losing the consumer engagement war to Portals because their existing client-nurturing tools are based on drip marketing and commoditized content that deliver marginal results.

Homebot is dynamic financial dashboard for the home that drives over 50% monthly engagement that delivers more repeat and referral business by empowering consumers to build wealth with the largest asset they will ever own.

Pilot Program


  • Participation Pool: limited to three (3) qualified Participants
  • Term: 60 days
  • Sign up by: September 30th, 2017

Audience and General Uses Cases

Real Estate Brokerages with an affiliated or in-house Mortgage lending line-of-business

  • Stay top of mind between transactions by providing clients with a wealth advisory and planning platform that provides dynamic financial recommendations based on market conditions and the equity value of the home

Pilot Offer

  • Unlimited customer accounts (agents and/or loan officers).  Each account provides unlimited co-branded Homebot client portals that drive new repeat and referral business.  
  • Two (2) Webex 1-hour training sessions
  • Automated branded email intro and monthly notification to all clients.

Pilot Requirements:

  • Minimum of twenty (20) agents and/or loan officers
    • Real estate professionals must engage at least one loan officer to implement Homebot.
  • Provide feedback and reporting on new transactions and deals resulting from Homebot Pricing:  $200/mo and $200 one-time setup per 1000 database clients can we make this free for the pilot
  • Provide one “csv” import file each for clients and agents/loan officers. 

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