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Finally, home insurance done right. Smarter coverage and better prices delivered online instantly.

Obtaining home insurance is a key component to every residential real estate transaction, yet, the process to do so is antiquated, policies are outdated, and in many cases unnecessarily time consuming and expensive.

Hippo solves these problems by providing better, modern-day home insurance in a seamless transaction process. Hippo’s insurance product is better than others because it protects the things you actually own – electronics vs. pewter bowls, for example – and speeds up real estate transactions by delivering “evidence of insurance” to all relevant parties immediately after binding. 

Pilot Program


  • Participation Pool: All qualified participants (defined below)
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Sign up by: September 30th, 2017

Audience and General Use Cases

  • Residential: Brokerage, Teams, and Agents
    • Real estate professionals can rely on Hippo to help clients obtain comprehensive insurance and close fast


  • Hippo's product is a key component to every residential real estate transaction and buyers are relieved that they have adequate coverage to close mortgages and the home purchase process quickly

Pilot Offer

Participants receive

  • Co-branded landing page with a homeowners insurance quote generator that delivers a quote in seconds
  • Digital certificates to offer clients a 5% discount on premiums and/or a moisture sensor
  • Option to participate in co-branded home-related communications to ensure participants stay top-of-mind even after the transaction

Qualified Participants:

  • Pilot participants must be operating in and licensed to sell and/or advertise SFR real estate in California, Arizona and/or Texas.
  • Participants agree to inform clients about Hippo’s offer (above)

Participants agree to:

  • Participate in two phone calls; one at pilot kickoff and one within two weeks of the program's completion
  • Complete one email survey and respond to it within 5 business days.

Post Pilot Program

Hippo will extend pilot discount and partnership offers herein for at least 6 mos


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