Real Estate professionals drive 3.6 billion miles each year
that’s $1,944,000,000 in potential tax deductions.

Everlance captures over $16,000 per year in reportable business expenses for most Realtors

Pilot Program

Term: 3 months

Why Everlance for Real Estate?

As independent contractors, Realtors are left to navigate the tricky road of tax deductions in order to maximize their income. It's a time consuming and often costly process as many details and subsequent potential write offs fall unrealized through the cracks.  Everlance helps Realtors® and other independent contractors to automatically track trips and categorize expenses right through their smart phone, 
helping to maximize tax deductions and focus more time on closing deals.

Everlance helps Realtors:

  • Save Money: Every 1,000 miles Everlance catches is worth up to $540 as a business expense. Easily categorize other expenses to ensure no deduction is left behind. 
  • Save Time: Classify trips or transactions with a single swipe. 
  • Get Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing everything is backed up to the cloud in case of an audit. 

Everlance is building out its real estate offering and looking for insight from industry practitioners to optimize the app for real estate. 

For Agents:

  • Participation is free
  • Participatnts receive:
    • Everlance Premium for 3 months which includes unlimited trip detection, bank integration, advanced reporting and other features.

For Brokers, Teams, Franchises, MLS’s, Associations and other member organizations

  • Participants can offer Everlance Premium for their constituents free for three months
  • Everlance will brand its app with participants' corporate logo.

Pilot Requirement

For all:

  • Provide feedback via three surveys sent by Everlance, at the beginning, middle and end of the Pilot Program. 

For Brokers, Teams, Franchises, MLS’s, Associations and other member organizations:

  • Distribute Everlance provided marketing material (webinar and email) to optimize usage in your organization for the pilot program

Post Pilot Partner Program

Pilot program participants will receive preferred terms if they chose to continue using Everlance beyond the pilot period including:

  • Everlance Premium for $10 for the first full year/user (normally $96/year/user); bulk discounts available.
  • Referral program: For every new paid premium subscriber referred, Everlance will provide one free month of Everlance Premium credit.

More About Everlance

Everlance was co-founded by former Investment Analyst and Stanford Business School graduate, Alex Marlantes.  He witnessed first hand the inefficient and costly process of collecting, itemizing and recording expenses, as his parents were both freelance contractors. With over 100,000 users, Everlance is eliminating paper mileage logs and shoeboxes full of receipts, replacing them with an intuitive app that leverages the smart in your smartphone. 

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