LeaseLock eliminates security deposits with a rental fee starting at $29 per month—insuring properties for missing rent, damage, and turn costs. Properties convert more leases, reduce vacancy, while eliminating all losses.

Security deposits are outdated, inefficient, and inconvenient for properties and renters.

Renters pay a low monthly fee to insure properties for 6 month’s rent, damages, and turn costs.

Pilot Program


·       Participation Pool: multifamily property managers and owners

·       Term: 3 months

·       Sign up by: August 31, 2017

Audience and General Uses Cases

1.     Multifamily Owners

2.     Multifamily Property Managers

Pilot Offer

Offer a no fee move and replace your current security deposits with no risk to you.

·       Insurance for rent, damages, and turn costs

·       Convert more leases

·       Reduce vacancy

·       Increase NOI

·       Reduce rent and damage losses

·       Slash accounting costs

·       Remove legal liability of collecting deposits

·       No cost to company

·       Revenue share  

Pilot Requirements:

·       Participant Requirements:

o   Participant commits to piloting one bullding

o   Must have over 2,000 units managed and/or owned

o   Class of properties are A & B 

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