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Envoy Technologies Inc.

Envoy provides on-demand electric vehicles parked where you live, as an exclusive amenity for an apartment building.

Residents in buildings with Envoy vehicles use the service daily. Data shows Envoy decreases the number cars owned by tenants using Envoy, which leads to overall reduction in parking spaces needed.  Through Envoy’s work with local municipalities, Envoy is influencing zoning and building codes for new developments. Envoy's vision-based policies provides incentive-zoning for developers to reduce parking requirements and other benefits.

Envoy is partnered with several EV charging companies. Envoy can assist properties with EV charging infrastructure.

Envoy assumes full liability and provides indemnities to property owners.

Pilot Program


  • Participation Pool: Class A multifamily properties located in Los Angeles, Bay Area and Sacramento.

  • Pilot Term: 3 months

  • Sign up by: April  01, 2018

Audience and General Uses Cases

  1. Multifamily residential properties with over 100 units

  2. Commercial office space containing over 100,000 rsf.

  3. Hotels with at least 100 keys.

  4. Property must contain a level 2 electric vehicle charger that can be utilized by the Envoy vehicle(s) (after pilot term Envoy will install a dedicated charger for Envoy’s service at Envoy sole expense).

Pilot Offer

Participants will receive:

  • At least 1 Envoy vehicle(s) deployed at no cost to their properties.

  • Private shared mobility network for their property.

  • Tenant access to Envoy’s mobile app.

  • Full service including maintenance, insurance (for drivers and property), 24/7 roadside & customer service and car washing are all included.

Pilot Requirements:

  • 36 month contract term with the option to terminate at the end of the 3 month pilot.

  • During pilot period Envoy will collect 100% of revenue generated from usage by tenants.


Signup: Please visit https://www.envoythere.com/onboard to qualify your property.

Post Pilot Program:

  • Property will pay a base fee for each vehicle deployed. Currently Envoy’s fleet includes Fiat 500e, Volkswagen e-golf, Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S.

  • Envoy wll share 50% of gross revenue with property.

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