Contactually is a customer engagement system that intelligently helps sales professionals and brokers nurture key client relationships and recruiting efforts from inception to beyond the close.
Realtors who use Contactually increase their GCI by 42% on average

Pilot Program

Term: 3 months

For Brokers, Teams and Agents:

Contactually is seeking pilot program participants to help optimize its product for the real estate agent, team, brokerage and large organizations. 

Contactually Sales Module:

  • Participation is free.
  • Participants receive:
    • Contactually's relationship engagement system to manage new leads and existing contacts.
    • Implementation consultation, integration with existing tools, training, and custom content.

For Teams and Brokers:

Contactually Recruiting Module:

  • Participation is free for up to two seats
  • Participants receive:
    • Contactually's recruiting module including on-boarding and ongoing training for workflows, daily tasks lists, email templates, drip campaigns, and support.
    • Contactually will provide branded assets (e.g. emails and webinars) for internal promotion and distribution.


Pilot Requirements

Active Participation

  • To ensure comprehensive feedback, all participants must agree to actively use the platform for the duration of the pilot; teams and broker participants agree to recruit a critical mass of their constituents to actively use and test the platform.


  • Monthly phone call with Contactually executive team to discuss progress and provide product and service feedback.


Post Pilot Program

Pilot program participants will receive preferred terms if they choose to continue using Contactually beyond the pilot period including:

Enterprise Discount for Brokerages/ Large Teams

  • Discounted pricing on a brokerage-wide licenses or an affiliate commission program as best suited for the firm.
  • Dedicated account management and ongoing training.

R eferral Agreement for Non Enterprise Clients

  • When a broker/team/agent refers Contactually, they will receive a 15% affiliate commission.

 Thought Leadership

  • Ongoing direct access to executive and product leadership - including quarterly business reviews with CEOs, account managers, and product specialists to discuss and provide feedback on roadmap, identify areas of improvement in agent experience, and align around deeper partnership opportunities.
  • Brand-building opportunities such as featuring you/your top agents on our podcast, product blog posts, video content and webinars.


More About Contactually


Contactually was founded in 2011 by Zvi Band, a computer science engineer who learned during his time consulting for companies like Booz Allen, Volkswagen, and The Washington Post that reputation and relationships were core to his (and his businesses) success. Emphasizing prioritization over just organization, Zvi took his proven processes around personal and timely engagement and built them into Contactually; a customer relationship management system for sales and recruiting that intelligently helps sales professionals and brokers nurture key client relationships, and recruiting efforts from inception to beyond the close. 

Contactually exchanges data with:

  • Lead sources
  • Routing tools
  • Websites
  • Other contact databases and systems of record
  • Transaction Management
  • Analytics tools
  • MailChimp + others
  • Any third party via Open API

... and creates actionable insights regarding who to contact and why. Close more business and reduce your cost to acquire it by implementing Contactually's proven processes, systems and training. 

  **Terms subject to change

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