Bodega micro-stores operate autonomously and are filled with everyday essentials from brands that consumers love. Bodega uses machine learning and computer vision to understand what a consumer takes and charges them appropriately.  Micro-stores are stocked, maintained and managed by Bodega enhance people’s experiences where they live, work and play.

Pilot Program


●      Participation Pool: limited to 10 qualified Participants

●      Term: 12 months

●      Sign up by: June 31, 2018

Audience and General Uses Cases

  1. Residential: Multifamily
  2. Residential: College housing
  3. Commercial: Offices

Pilot Offer

·       1 - 10 stores in San Francisco Bay area buildings free of charge for 6 months (Los Angeles starting in August)

·       Bodega is responsible for all operations of the store includgy delivery, stocking inventory, and maintaining each unit

Pilot Requirements:

●      Participant Requirements

o   Participants must operate building and place units in San Francisco Bay Area.

o   Must own or operate at least 10 multi-family unit buildings in Northern California

●      Preferred Requirements

o   20+ multi-family units in Northern California

o   20+ multi-family units in Southern California

●      Other Requirements

o   Participants agree to market Bodega to tenants and employees via flyers/emails.  Bodega will provide marketing material.

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