The newest class of Moderne Passport companies

After months of hearing pitches, canvassing the venture world, and negotiations, we finally chose the next 10 companies that will impact the real estate, insurance, home services, financial spaces. 

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The Moderne Passport is a seven month long industry immersion program that provides participants the education, exposure, insight, and relationships that drive customer growth.

The new Passport Companies have already raised over $50M in outside capital coming into the program from some of the top strategic and venture investors globally.

More about each company is below:

Auctio brings in new clients and drive referrals through loyalty and reward programs

Referrals are your best leads. Use Auctio to recruit, build clientele, drive renewals, referrals and any action at all.  Auctio is an easy to use loyalty and reward program that integrates with your CRM to manage all of your referral marketing initiatives.

BeaconHome's smart light switch increases property values and provides for a better living experience

Replace or enhance your smart home devices with Orro, a light switch that integrates with the most common applications like Alexa, Google Home, Nest, August, Latch and 150 others to provide a clutter free ultimate smart home living environment.

Bodega, everyday essentials, instantly, for your building

Bodega micro-stores operate autonomously and are filled with everyday essentials from brands that consumers love. Bodega uses machine learning and computer vision to understand what a consumer takes and charges them appropriately.  Micro-stores are stocked, maintained and managed by Bodega to provide enhanced living, working and playing experiences.

Covered Insurance streamlines transactions through integrating and automating insurance purchases into the buying, leasing or lending process

Covered provides a co-branded platform for property managers, real estate professionals and lenders that allows renters and potential homeowners to view multiple coverage options from reputable insurance carriers and purchase direct from the transaction, online and in minutes.

Envoy provides a new amenity, on-demand mobility options for any community

Envoy uses a combination of unique hardware and "share-enabling" software to enable real estate owners, corporations and other partners to offer secure, emission-free transportation. The company provides on-demand electric vehicles, eBikes and eScooter as an amenity to communities.

Homesnap is the nation’s largest mobile platform for real estate agents, brokers and their consumers powered by real-time MLS data

Homesnap is an industry friendly mobile real estate application built for the real estate industry and loved by homebuyers.  It powers the Broker Public Portal and provides the leading platform for agents to be productive with their clients while on the go, including complete confidential listing information, Rapid CMAs, in-app messaging, and full marketing automation. Homesnap provides a broker-friendly alternative to the large listing portals.

LeaseLock, approve more renters and eliminate security deposits without increasing your risk

LeaseLock eliminates security deposits with a fee starting at $29 per month—insuring properties for missing rent, damage, and turn costs. Properties convert more leases, reduce vacancy, while eliminating all losses.

Nova Credit, increase your qualified applicant pipeline with global credit reports normalized to US credit standards

Nova accesses credit history data from over around the world and normalizes it to US standards, unlocking new consumers for property managers, owners and lenders, and new futures for immigrants.

TransitScreen, real-time transit and mobility data curated to your property

TransitScreen incorporates all mobility options – public transit, bikeshare, carshare, and ride hailing services – presented in real time so commuters make informed, sustainable decisions on how to get around.   Transit Screens provide real-time location based displays and its “Mobility Score” provides a third party validation online to the property's accessibility.

Track, simplifying taxes for real estate professionals

Track puts tax withholding, insurance, and retirement savings on autopilot so independent contractors, like real estate professionals, can focus on the real work that pays. It's like having a savvy HR assistant to handle all your busywork.  Self service and enterprise solutions available.

Welcome to the Moderne family everyone!