All Things Moderne: Moderne Ventures Announces $33M Fund Close and Moderne Passport

Moderne Ventures is pleased to announce that we've closed on our fund to the tune of $33M. For those of you unfamiliar with us, we're a traditional venture firm which invests in companies that are modernizing the real estate, finance, insurance and home services markets; multi-trillion dollar industries that spend billions annually on marketing, technology and business services. 

Because we don't want to be confused with a traditional accelerator program we're also introducing the Moderne Passport. The Moderne Passport is a highly immersive seven month long programmatic experience that provides participants direct engagement with the (you guessed it) Moderne Network - a group of 400+ tightly aligned LP's, executives, and influential leaders from the most notable businesses within our targeted industries.

The Moderne ecosystem offers top down expertise, operational knowledge, and access to resources that optimize go to market and product marketing strategies, positioning companies for rapid industry adoption. 

For the official press release, click here