The List of The Most Powerful People in The Residential Real Estate Brokerage Industry in 2019

Constance Freedman Secures Spot 156

The overall 2019 SP200 ranks the most powerful leaders in the residential real estate brokerage industry as at December 31, 2018, with adjustments made only for the major leadership announcements made after that date and before this release on January 15, 2019. To rank the leaders eight (8) different criteria were reviewed and can be seen here.

These rankings (SP200) are of the leaders in our industry and is not a company ranking. Size and sales volume listed are shared for framing of the person listed. Note that 2017 numbers are used as those are the only available across the board for all companies. Most companies have not completed their 2018 financials and our official company and brokerage rankings (MEGA 1000) will be published in April/May 2019 after financial and audits have been completed.

3 PropTech Investors Talk Trends, Game-Changers And The Future Of Real Estate

3 PropTech Investors Talk Trends, Game-Changers And The Future Of Real Estate

As Constance Freedman, founder of VC fund Moderne Ventures, explained, “I think that a lot of people have finally sort of figured out that this is a gigantic market and a lot of opportunity within it. It's largely an antiquated industry and therefore there’s a lot of opportunity to help it evolve.”

Moderne Ventures Announces Its New Class of Seven Passport Companies

Passport 2018.png

Moderne Ventures, a venture investment fund, hosted its third annual Moderne Portfolio Company & Industry Summit last week hosting over 120 leaders in real estate, insurance and finance.  The leaders came together with Moderne’s 40+ portfolio companies in working sessions to foster partnership, innovation and growth.  At the Summit, Moderne announced seven companies selected for its 2018 Midyear Passport Program.

These seven companies were selected from over 4,500 companies Moderne reviewed this year. Passport Program participants have demonstrated unique, defensible solutions that are augmenting and challenging real estate, finance, insurance and home services industries – multi-trillion dollar industries ripe for innovation and change.

Companies selected into the Passport program will embark on an intensive 7-month industry immersion program where they receive strategic consulting to support the growth of their business, participate in over 100 one-on-one mentor meetings with senior executive leaders who are a part of the Moderne Network, capture pilot opportunities with leading corporations and garner exposure at major industry conferences.

Constance Freedman, Moderne Ventures Founder and Managing Partner, who has recently been named one of the most influential women by HousingWire shares, “These companies are addressing some of the core challenges facing our industries on a global scale.  They are positioned to make a dramatic impact.  Moderne was created to accelerate that growth by helping our companies, and our industry partners, create mutually beneficial relationships, share market feedback, rapidly iterate, and scale.”

The Moderne Passport 2018 Midyear Class has collectively raised almost $80M in funding prior to joining the class and collective valuations north of $200M.  The new companies are:

  • Dwelo (– Salt Lake City: Simple, seamless smart building technology platform
  • Geo CV (www.– New York: Truly automated 3D computer vision technolog
  • Havenly (– Denver: Online interior design that’s fun, convenient and affordable
  • PERQ ( – IndianapolisIncrease online conversions with guided buying journeys powered by artificial intelligence
  • Shyft ( – San Francisco: A technology and logistics company transforming the moving and relocation industry
  • Sisu (– Salt Lake City: Coaching and accountability sales platform
  • Super ( – San Francisco: Home warranty that makes owning as easy as renting


About Moderne Ventures
Moderne Ventures invests in technology companies in and around real estate, finance, insurance. Moderne most often looks outside its industries to find game changing innovation that can be applicable within them.  Moderne operates both a Venture Fund and the Moderne Passport, an Industry Immersion Program designed to foster innovation, partnership and growth between industry partners and new emerging technology companies.  Moderne works with over 700 executives and corporations within its core industries and evaluates over 4,500 emerging tech companies each year.  Its principals have invested in over 60 companies including DocuSign, Updater, August, Better, Hello Alfred, TaskEasy, Homesnap and Leaselock.