Bento for business provides teams, brokerages and other small to medium sized businesses with an expense management platform and branded credit cards to better track marketing spend and operational expenses while optimizing cashflow.

Pilot Program

Term: 6 months

Why Bento for Real Estate and Property Management?

Bento solves a problem many business don't know they have: poor expense tracking. At the very least, this negatively impacts profits. At worst, it can put you out of business. 

Why Bento for real estate?

  • Increase profitability. Profit is made in business via excellent expense management...not by gross revenue. Track and optimize expense flow across your team, brokerage and greater organization. 

  • Peace of mind. Avoid unpleasant surprises and mitigate personal liability with robust spending controls and real-time accountability dashboards. 

  • Streamline expenses. Easily export categorized expense data from Bento into Quickbooks or other accounting services. 

  • Easy to Implement and Adopt. Unlike traditional corporate credit card programs, Bento’s MasterCard does not require a credit check or impact the owner’s personal credit; anyone may qualify and use the greater platform. 

Bento is looking for brokers, teams, associations, MLS's, franchises and other member organizations to sign up for its pilot and help Bento create its real estate offering.  

For Teams and Brokers:

Bento is looking for high performing teams and brokerages to use its expense management and credit card platform to help them better track spend within their groups. ROI will be measured through real cash savings.

  • Participation is free: All set-up and monthly fees waived (vs. standard fee of up to $149/month)
  • Participants receive:
    • Unlimited debit/credit cards.
    • A customized how-to cash flow guide to ensure participants get the most out of the product.
    • On-boarding, training, operating and servicing.

For Associations, MLS’s, Franchises and other Member Organizations:

Bento is looking for organizations to share Bento's expense management and credit card platform with its constituents as a benefit.

  • Participation is free. All fees waived (vs. standard fee of up to $149/month/ saving almost $1800).
  • Participants receive:
    • Promotional material including logos for marketing and a dedicated landing page to direct, capture and track accounts. 
    • A customized how-to cash flow guide to ensure you and your business get the most out of the product.
    • On-boarding, training, operating and servicing requirements.

Pilot Requirements

  • Brokers and Teams:
    • Commitment to using the platform and credit cards for internal expenses (this could be for the company, a property or many properties)
  • Associations, MLS’s, Franchise groups and other member organizations:
    • Commit to promote Bento to their respective constituents. Promotional assets provided by Bento. 
  • All Participants:
    • Three 20-minute calls to provide product feedback to Bento executives.
      • The first call will occur just prior to launch of the pilot to set marketing expectations. The second call will occur approximately 6 weeks from start of pilot program. The third call will occur approximately 6 weeks later, at the end of the program, to provide additional feedback.

Post Pilot Partner Program

Pilot program participants will receive preferred terms if they chose to continue using Bento beyond the pilot period including:

  • Cash back instead of points! Bento will share 40bps (.4%) of net transaction volume for all transactions that are sourced through your organization including direct transactions and of those who were referred by your organization, including vendors.  For example, if $15K per month is spent via Bento cards, your annual rebate would be $720, paid out in cash. 

  • $500/year fixed admin fee (vs. standard fee of up to $149/month, a savings of  almost $1300/year.)


More About Bento for Business


Bento for Business is an expense management platform that simplifies company spending by providing:

  • Branded corporate cards 
  • Real-time expense flow control and analysis
  • Automated reporting with mobile receipt capture

...and many more features in one easy to use platform. 

Bento for Business has proven to reduce fraud and other misuses of funds, save hours of administrative time every week, as well as provide much needed clarity on cash and expense flow.  

  • 14% of businesses experienced expense reimbursement fraud with an average loss of $30K.
  • 33% of all businesses that declare bankruptcy do so because of employee misuse of funds.
  • Businessesand their employees spend 20 or more hours a week to manually track expenses and to stay compliant with regulations. 

Bento for Business was founded by financial service industry veterans from Barclays, Discover, JPMorgan Chase and Credit Suisse. The company serves over 1,800 businesses and has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and the LA Times.


**Terms subject to change

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