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Beaconhome (Orro)

Studies show that  75% of residents expect smart technologies in their homes within the next 12 months and that installing smart devices provide a 5% rent increase and 10x return on investment at selling time.

Pilot Program


·       Participation Pool: limited to 10 qualified Participants

·       Term: 6 months

·       Sign up by: August 31, 2017

Audience and General Uses Cases

1.     Residential Brokers and top producing agents

Pilot Offer

Participants will receive:


o   Discounted unit price for pilot brokerages (only available to members of the Moderne Network )

o   Exclusive discount available for larger purchase orders.  

o   White Glove Ordering – Direct ordering portal for sending client’s shipping information, desired quantity.

o   Free delivery

o   Priority email and phone support (weekdays 8am – 5pm PST)


o   Free Delivery for all gifts

o   Custom Card inserted with each order – Identifying your agent’s as the gift or.

o   Discount code to provide to purchase additional units

o   Priority email and phone support (weekdays 8am – 5pm PST)

·       One free Orro Switch for the sponsoring brokerage.


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