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Auctio is a loyalty program referral management and tracking platform that helps companies increase production via referrals. 

Referrals can account for as much as 80% of an agent’s business and more.  Auctio lets agents and brokers create custom loyalty programs to encourage and reward clients for referrals, nurture and grow their spheres of influencers, and build loyalty to generate more warm leads.

Pilot Program


·       Participation Pool: limited to 10 qualified Referrals

·       Term: 2 months

·       Cost: free for pilot offer, [$20/ month] thereafter

·       Sign up by: March 31, 2018

Audience and General Uses Cases

1.     Residential and commercial brokers and agents

a.     Manage & grow sphere of influencers; clients, lawyers, title insurance, mortgage brokers, accountants, lenders, etc.

b.     Agent to Agent referrals

c.     Post transaction referrals

Pilot Offer

Participants will receive:

·       Full access to Auctio’s Referral Management and Loyalty Program Platform.

·       Dedicated support to set up and launch program.

·       Bimonthly call to track progress.


  Participants can expect an increase in production and more satisfied agents and partners.

Pilot Requirements:

Participants agree to:

·       Create and launch at least 10 loyalty programs for 10 unique client parties via Auctio

·       Onboard agents and engage key influencers

·       Participate in a kickoff call andbi-monthly status calls to discuss performance

·       Complete a survey at the end of the pilot

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