Arcbazar provides a marketplace for real estate professionals and consumers to submit home and property redesign and building projects where thousands of architects compete to provide the best renderings at a fraction of what traditional architectural services charge. 

Pilot Program

Term: 6 months

Arcbazar can help Realtors close deals and decrease time on market by providing clients with a vision for renovations to a new or existing home, building or office.  

Arcbazar is looking for real estate professionals, brokers and portals who would like to add value to consumers beyond traditional services and sales cycles and add the following to their offering toolbox:

  • Architectural design services:
    • To consumers who are in the latter stages of buying and/or beginning stages of selling a home, and may be considering any type of home improvement. Afford prospective and existing homeowners the vision to see design changes that can help facilitate buying/selling decisions.
    • Past customers or others in your greater sphere.
  • Rich marketing assets:
    • Virtually stage listings on your website and share them via social outlets (Facebook, Pinterest, etc) 
    • Unique value add to present during listing appointments. 
    • Assess the cost to value ratio for specific home improvements for new and past clients. 
  • Increased consumer engagement and re-engagement metrics. 

How the Pilot works:  For the length of the pilot program Arcbazar will provide you or your organization with a co-branded website (ie: where your clients can explore how a listing could be transformed into a dream home or the perfect fix-and-flip.  Arcbazar will also provide leads generated from potential new clients who sign up for the Arcbazar platform that may not be in your database. 

Pilot Requirements

Brokerage partner will bring one existing client who stands to potentially value Arcbazars platform. The working agent (with client) will agree to use the Arcbazar platform to address the clients relative needs and report findings back to the Arcbazar management team at at least three different points across the duration of the Arcbazar aspect of the transaction. 

Brokerage partner agrees to provide certain findings to Arcbazar management at at least three times during the duration of the pilot program.   

Post Pilot Partner Program**

Arcbazar will provide agents the ability to offer 10% off of Arcbazar services to their clients. 

For brokers, franchises and other member organizations, Arcbazar will share 10% of new business revenue procured via the prescribed sub-domain for:

  • Brand level, regional, multi-office brokerage web properties. 
  • MLS's and Associations web properties
  • Relevant portal level web properties  


More About Arcbazar


Access to great architectural design services has historically been prohibitively expensive. As a result, 89% of the 15M+ annual home improvement projects are completed without any design input. This often leads to misaligned expectations and expensive mistakes by all parties to the transaction. 

Arcbazar is an online marketplace that crowdsources affordable design services from over architects all over the world. Founder and CEO Imdat As wanted to provide a unique way to give global access to creative high-quality architectural resources and change the way we experience home design. Imdat holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from MIT and a Doctorate in Design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

**Terms subject to change

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