Agentology is a lead engagement platform that qualifies leads 24/7 and increases conversion and referrals

Agentology is a digital inside sales team that uses data science and machine learning to qualify cold web leads and convert them into warm prospects and referrals. The company is solving a huge problem with costly, useless leads: the residential real estate industry spends $12B per year* on lead generation and converts only 1-2% of them. Agentology users can see up to a 300% increase in lead conversion rates and leverages a built-in referral network to allow its users to send and receive referrals nationwide and make referral fees – all with the click of a button.

* Borrell and Associates

Pilot Program


  • Participation pool: Limited to 10 qualified participants
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Sign up by: September 30th, 2017

Audience and General Use Cases

  • Residential: Brokerage, Teams, and/or Agents
    • Brokers: Focus on the highest quality leads and qualify leads into referrals
    • Teams and Agents: Increase productivity and profitability through higher online lead conversion rates


  • Increased broker and agent commissions
  • Less wasted time on dead-end leads! Instead, focus only on the leads most likely to close. 

Pilot Offer

Participants receive:

  • Up to 50 new leads per month qualified ($885 total value) on Agentology's platform
    • Participants may qualify more than 50 leads/month at 20% discount from retail price
  • Full access to a nationwide referral network to send, receive, and track referrals and commissions
  • Preferred placement to receive leads from the Agentology referral network
  • Direct line of communication with David Tal, CEO

Qualified Participants:

  • Residential real estate brokerages, teams, or agents who generate at least 50 online leads per month and close 20+ transactions per year.

Participants agree to:

  • Participate in two phone calls; one at pilot kickoff and one within two weeks of the program's completion
  • Complete one email survey and respond to it within 5 business days

Click here to sign up and learn more about Agentology.