Moderne Accelerator

The Moderne Accelerator brings together corporate industry partners and innovation.  

Now Accepting Applications for Spring 2017 Accelerator Class

The Accelerator brings innovative companies along the customer journey.  It helps companies optimize solutions for the executives and their companies, learn best practices to approaching the industries and build value that evolves beyond these industries and into other markets. 

The Accelerator Program is approximately nine months long and is designed around the company to customer journey.    It helps companies find, attract and service their potential customers

+ How does the program work?

There are four primary components designed to help companies accelerate growth.

Guidance and expertise. Our markets are gigantic, complex and dynamic. We accelerate companies’ ability to understand market constituents, true TAM and pricing considerations to build effective go-to-market strategies and an approach to capture business.

Mentorship. The Moderne Network is an exclusive Membership of over 300 corporations, executives and practitioners that are managing billions of dollars of revenues within Moderne’s core industries. Companies will have over 100 in-person meetings with Members of the Moderne Network who will provide strategic guidance and insight. Moderne provides access to industry executives that would otherwise be unattainable.

Pilots. Moderne helps its companies establish pilot programs with key constituents to help companies optimize their solutions to meet industry needs

Exposure. We meet monthly based on industry events companies need to be at to build their customer bases. Our events optimize our companies’ exposure through invite-only stage presentations, participation on trade show floors and one-on-one meetings and networking opportunities with key executives within the Mentor Network.

+ Who should apply?

The Moderne Accelerator is for later stage companies. Applicants must have a national, scalable, shipping product. Companies need not to have revenue prior to joining, but most do upon entering the program. Many participants will have graduated from more traditional accelerators or raised their Series Seed, A or B before joining a Moderne Accelerator class. Successful applicants will have demonstrated clear product market fit and are now looking for explosive growth.

Moderne has a highly selective process to find the best companies to meet the growing needs of its multi-trillion marketplaces. Ideal candidates have the following characteristics:

Target Markets: applicability in Moderne’s core sectors and can expand beyond, into other market places
Revenues: $0 - $30M+
Customers: early days to fully established companies, with logos to prove it
Financing: Seed stage and up - most of our companies have investors behind them
Product: way beyond beta and built to scale on a national or global capacity
Business Models: we like disruptive SaaS-based technologies in digital media, fintech, business services and big data, and we particularly like companies with B2B strategies.

+ “I’ve raised significant financing already. I’m beyond an Accelerator, aren’t I?"

The Moderne Accelerator is for later stage companies. In fact, many participants have graduated from more traditional accelerators or raise their Series A or B before joining a Moderne Accelerator class. Successful applicants will have a proven product market fit, a national and scalable product and are now looking for explosive growth.

+ Are companies required to co-locate?

No. Since our companies are later stage than traditional accelerators, we do not require our companies to co-locate. Instead, we meet approximately once per month based around the industry events that our companies need to be at to build their businesses.

+ When does it start and how much does the program cost?

Timing: Moderne Accelerator holds 2-4 classes per year, often designed around a particular track: real estate (commercial and residential), finance, insurance and home services. Check back often for information on application dates.
Cost: It’s true – no good things in life are free. Qualified candidates should contact us for more information.