Moderne Accelerator

Not Your Average Accelerator Program... 

Moderne Ventures’ Accelerator program is a unique approach to helping companies succeed.  The Moderne Accelerator is designed for later stage companies.  It provides a programmatic experience to help companies launch into our sectors and accelerate their growth. The Accelerator is a seven to nine month program designed to help companies find, attract and provide best-in-class service to their potential customers.

The Moderne Accelerator works with companies with $0-30M in revenues, seed stage to $100m+ in financing, and angel-backed to companies with the world’s most premier VCs already on their cap tables.  In fact, Moderne’s 2016 Class had raised over $300m in venture financing before even joining the Accelerator.

Is your company looking to accelerate growth?  If the answer is, “Yes,” then your company may be right for the Moderne Accelerator, regardless of its stage.