abode is the single platform for on-demand home security and a truly connected and protected smart home

abode’s smart home platform is a no contract, professional-grade home security system that controls all of your connected devices through a single application.  

The company’s products delight consumers by providing low-cost security systems they can install themselves that integrate all of their connected devices: TVs, stereos, doorbells, lights, thermostats, locks, garage doors, etc., all through a single app. In addition, smart homes sell for higher prices, command higher rents, spend less time on market, and can reduce property losses. 

Pilot Program


  • Participation pool: Limited to 10 Qualified Participants (defined below)
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Sign up by: September 30th, 2017

Audience and General Use Cases

Residential: Franchises, Brokers, Teams and Agents

  • Safety: Arm vacant properties with abode to provide personal and property safety
  • Staging: Increase marketability with smart home staging
  • Closing Gifts: Give a gift that clients actually want and can use immediately
  • Property Management: Monitor activity and access

Commercial: Multifamily and Office - Owners and Property Managers

  • Security: Provide residents with peace of mind
  • Accountability: Monitor activity and access
  • Revenue: Share in affiliate revenue

Insurance: Agents and Providers

  • New Client Benefit: Provide abode to clients to decrease loss on insured properties
  • Revenue Share: Share affiliate revenue


  • Pilot participants receive a $1,500 value and find that abode positively affects the consumer within the first 10 feet of the home
  • Real estate professionals and property owners can improve customer service levels and marketability by offering abode as a Smart Home/Property package to their clients and increase safety and logistical efficiencies around managing single-family residential and multifamily properties

Pilot Offer

Participants receive

  • Up to 5 abode Starter Kits (on loan from the company) for the duration of the Pilot Program
    • Supports up to 160 connected devices from the abode app
    • Optional short-term security monitoring, enabled 3-days or 7-days as needed (fee applies).
  • Co-branded digital branding and marketing material to share with your clients and tenants including a 25% discount and/or revenue share on on-demand security monitoring services. 
  • Installation by HelloTech (Optional. Additional fees may apply)

Qualified Participants:

  • Residential: Real estate professionals that list at least 60 properties per year with an average sales price in top 40% of median prices
  • Commercial: Owners and operators with at least 50 units under management
  • Insurance: Homeowner insurance providers

Participants must agree to:

  • Provide the abode Starter Kit to at least 15 clients or tenants over the term of the program.  
  • Participate in two phone calls; one at pilot kickoff and one within two weeks of the program's completion.
  • Complete one email survey and respond to it within 5 business days.

Click here to learn more about abode. 

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