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MICA 2019 Agenda

Feb. 6-7, 2019 | Atlanta, GA

The Multifamily Innovation Conference – Atlanta will showcase new technology-enabled business lines and revenue streams that add to the core multifamily business, create new business opportunities, or both.

The event will help bring together tech investors, multifamily investors and operational strategists to underwrite new opportunities, model their risks and impact on valuation, and collectively problem-solve to eliminate barriers to achieving this revenue. Our goal is to bring leading-edge, working programs to the heart of the multifamily business – the Southeast. And blend new capital and technology with the best of professional apartment ownership. Topics will include:

  • Short-stay program revenue, marketing and debt financing considerations

  • Investing in “synthetic real estate” opportunities as a low-capital way to achieve real estate economics

  • The potential for blockchain compliance platforms to open secondary markets for real estate securities investments

  • Monetizing smart access technology with in-home amenity services

  • Self-service leasing and industrial-scale uses for smart home technology

  • Technology investment strategies – fund investment versus direct deal investment

  • Monetizing the ubiquitous urban transportation

  • Co-living and higher intensities of rental use


  • AM—Arrive to ATL

  • Noon—Conference begins

    • Tickets are comped / networking built in

  • 3-5p ET—Mentor meetings: The Flourish Courtyard, Flourish Atlanta


  • 9a-12p ET—Mentor meetings: The Flourish Courtyard

  • 12-5p ET—Conference / sessions

    • 1:45p-3:30p ET—Eusoh and Snappt participate in Shark Tank presentation: Flourish Atlanta

      Collaborative Startup Presentations—Shark Tank is Dead!

      The new startup presentation is evolving. We’ll ask each table of attendees to visit for 10 minutes with a rotating cast of six to eight startups. Each startup company will make a short presentation, and the attendees will have 10 minutes to ask questions, network, and offer tips, thoughts and connections. Each table will have its own personalized experience of quick interactions with innovators, who may have opportunities for them to invest, implement or become vendors to the presenters.
      Key Takeaways:

      • Personal connections to industry innovators

      • A broad look at various forms of technological and financial innovation available today

      • Due diligence assistance from attendees at your table

      • Opportunity to put the rest of the audience into context and allow for cross-connections

  • 5-6:30p ET—Conference wraps up; Companies can head home Thurs PM / Fri AM

Questions/Concerns: Reach out to