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Coldwell Banker Leadership Summit Agenda

Sept. 12-14, 2019 (Thurs-Sat) | Chicago, IL


Moderne companies have been invited to participate in Coldwell Banker’s Leadership Summit on Sept. 12-14 in Chicago. 5-7 Portfolio companies will join Moderne partner, Shawn Hill, for a session highlighting 1) technology trends and seismic shifts globally and assessing, influencing and shaping how technologies affect real estate, and 2) changes globally, indicating how they are changing real estate—leaving the audience with practical applications that they can act on to build value for their own businesses.

Format: Main stage presentation 45 mins to one hour 

Moderne provides a dynamic overview, highlighting:

  1. Tech trends effecting the world at large

  2. How those trends impact real estate and what we can learn from it

  3. 5-7 company CEOs provide 3-5 min educational overviews on practical applications that are addressing todays challenges

Moderne Ventures Contact: Taylar Ramsey -